Corporate Law

What we can help you with?

Advisory in the area of corporate law (law of business corporations) is a key part of our services. We assist in all phases of the company’s existence – in the establishment of the company, adjustment of its internal relations, domestic and international transactions or termination of business.

In the field of corporate law, we most often ensure:

  • Establishment of business corporations
  • Registration of companies in the commercial register and obtaining business licenses
  • Holding general meetings, changing the seat of the company, changing statutory bodies (executives)
  • Contracts on the performance of function
  • Transfers of business shares or stocks, due diligence
  • Increase and decrease of registered capital
  • Plans and implementation of transformations (mergers), restructuring or liquidation of companies
  • Structuring of holding groups, legal relations within groups

Starting a business presupposes the choice of a suitable strategy for entering the domestic market, including optimization at the domestic and international level in the tax area. We will provide comprehensive services as part of the Market Entry CZ, Market Entry SK or Market Entry PL packages.

Quality business management is a decisive factor in a company’s success in domestic and international competition. We set appropriate compliance rules and perform checks on whether companies meet the requirements required by local law (Compliance / Risk assessment package).