GDPR Audit

We will map and set up your personal data handling processes. We will check the GDPR documentation of your company and prepare what is missing. Our experts will teach you what to do in the field of GDPR and what to steer clear from.

You need to pay constant attention to GDPR. Even if you have prepared, have been using the relevant documents and have not been inspected by the Office for Personal Data Protection.

The whole area is still evolving. We will explain what is valid as well as what is not. We will also assess whether you handle personal data in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and if not, our team will recommend you how to do it right. We will edit your documentation or add the missing pieces. Our experts will teach you how to work with documents and at the same time will always be available for advice or consultation, regardless of the complexity of the question.

The legal package of GDPR Audit typically includes:

  • Introductory training / workshop summarizing the issue
  • Analysis of processes of handling personal data and related documents
  • Preparation of a report with recommendations for modification of processes and documentation
  • Revision of GDPR documentation, preparation of missing GDPR documentation
  • Instructions for the implementation of documents and processes
  • Evaluation of the final state of the matter and final recommendations

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