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Vojtěch Kadlubiec has been working in our law firm since 2016 and has gradually established himself here as a legal expert in the field of labour law and social security law.

His focus stems from the long-term interest in labour law issues that has accompanied Vojtěch throughout his studies and careers – in 2019 he successfully completed a full-time doctoral study program in Theoretical Legal Sciences in the field of Labour Law at the Department of Labour law and Social Security of the Masaryk University and defended his dissertation thesis titled “Employee’s Incapacity to Work and Legal Character of Medical Certificates”. He now works as a teacher and researcher at the same department of the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University.

Vojtěch Kadlubiec is also a member of the Czech Society for Labour Law and Social Security Law. As part of the competition for the Marie Kalenská Prize, announced by the Society for 2020, his dissertation thesis received an honorable mention for an exceptionally high-quality thesis.

In addition to scientific and pedagogical activities, he also focuses professionally on lecture and publication activities with a supremely practical use – he is, among others, the main author of regularly updated manuals for human resources professionals and co-author of commentary to the Labour Code from 2021.

Vojtěch Kadlubiec is a graduate of a primary school and grammar school with Polish as the teaching language, so he speaks fluent Polish and has long been involved in the legal regulation of labor and corporate relations in Poland, where he also publishes the results of his scientific activities. He also completed several internships in Poland.