With respect to the individual needs and interests of our clients, we provide assistance in ordinary and special business transactions. A matter of fact is legal advice in the area of international trade. The aim of our services is to provide our clients with effective legal protection in their business by securing their rights, and by this preventing any unnecessary disputes.

In the area of commercial law, we provide our clients with complex legal advice in their business activities, namely:
– ensuring the internal functioning of commercial companies
– drafting of contract documentation
– due-diligence projects
– public procurement law
– securities law


We offer complex legal services with regard to business corporations and cooperatives. We provide legal advice in all stages of existence of a business corporation, we assist with the regulation of its internal relationships, and we represent companies during registration proceedings.

Our services particularly include:
– establishment of trading companies and cooperatives, revision and adjustment of basic documentation
– mergers, acquisitions, changes and winding-up of corporations
– increase or decrease of the registered capital
– incorporations, registration proceedings
– management agreements of executives
– general meetings and meetings of corporation executives


We provide our clients with services in all areas of the law of obligations. We prepare for our clients tailored contracts corresponding with their individual needs.

Our law firm has extensive experience particularly in the area of:
– purchase agreements
– contracts for work and supply contracts in construction industry
– lease and rental agreements
– distribution contracts, sales agency and franchising
– license agreements
– consumer contracts
– general terms and conditions


We provide complex legal service to clients and entrepreneurs in the area of transportation, dispatching and logistics. We advise our clients on preparation of contract documentation as well as on the enforcement of claims arising from transportation already performed.

In the area of transport law we particularly concentrate on:
– liabilities connected to international transportation of goods
– liabilities connected to domestic transportation of goods
– liabilities connected to combine/container transport
– liabilities of the forwarder
– passenger transportation contracts


We provide our clients with legal representation in all stages of litigation, including strategic preparation, representation during a lawsuit, and the following assistance during the enforcement of judgements. We specialize not only on litigations that are subject to a lawsuit, but also at insolvency proceedings and other alternative solutions of disputes. A matter of fact is also a legal representation on the international level through a net of cooperating foreign law firms. Our firm also has a team specializing at collecting receivables.

As part of a litigation, we provide our clients particularly with the following services:
– legal analysis of the matter, preparation of legal actions, and pressing of other charges
– representation during a lawsuit in general courts or before administrative authorities
– ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies
– amicable settlements of disputes
– representation of creditors during insolvency proceedings
– representation in arbitration proceedings and arbitrages
– collecting receivables


Our specialists in the area of intellectual property rights represent their clients in all stages of enforcing their intellectual property rights, both at the registration and protecting these rights, and at their transfer and protection against their unauthorized use.

In this area, we provide particularly the following services:
– license agreements and contracts for work to all types of intellectual property
– protection of copyright, trademarks, inventions, models and designs
– protection of commercial brands, trade secrets and know-how
– solving intellectual property disputes, including unfair competition disputes


In the area of banking law, we concentrate both at extensive legal advice and at the preparation of contract documentation for individual proceedings.

Legal service in this area deals particularly with:
– complex legal advisory in terms of financing of business activities
– revision of contract documentation for individual bank and insurance products
– credits and other bank services
– payment transactions and foreign exchange services
– insurance
– dealing with supervisory bodies, including a representation in administrative proceedings at the Czech National Bank


We have an experienced team that provides our clients with a complete legal service with processing the tax and customs agenda. It provides legal aid during execution of various operations at financial markets, including expert legal analyses in connection to trading at financial markets.

We concentrate at activities connected to:
– tax aspects of a business activity of our clients
– customs issues
– capital markets
– investment services, and transactions with financial and capital derivatives
– collective investment funds
– trading in securities and bonds


In the area of real-estate law, we provide our clients with legal services in all areas of real-estate disposals, including representation in real-estate lawsuits by administrative authorities.

Our clients can use our extensive experience particularly in the following areas:
– real-estate transfer
– commercial and residential leases
– developer projects and investment construction
– financing and securing real-estate transactions
– engineering and land planning
– representation at construction and cadastral proceedings
– housing co-ownership
– environmental law


We offer legal services and representation in all relevant areas of information technology law. Our legal services apply both to the development, purchase and sale of software, and to an internet-related business.

Our team specializes particularly at:
– distribution and license agreements
– software products
– IT outsourcing
– e-commerce
– protection of internet-related data and information
– registration and protection of domains
– purchase terms when operating an E-shop
– distance contracts with online sales


We provide advice and representation in the area of telecommunication law and related legal areas.

Our activity in this area particularly includes:
– contractual arrangements and purchase terms between enterprisers in electronic communications and their customers
– disputes connected to telecommunications
– representation in lawsuits at the Czech Telecommunication Office
– media law


Our law firm provides our clients with complex services in the area of labor law. This activity includes both preparation of contract documentation and internal regulations of the employer as well as the preparation of compliance analyses and representation in disputes between employers and employees.

Our activity in this area particularly includes:
– preparation of employment contracts and agreements on work taking place outside the employment relationship
– preparation of management contracts for managers
– preparation of internal regulations and other documents of the employer
– counselling with establishment, changes and termination of employment relationships
– preparation of compliance analyses and setting the employment relationships in companies
– representation in employment disputes


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