Koliště 13, ZIP Code 602 00
phone: +420 543 217 520
fax: +420 543 217 522


When visiting our offices, we recommend to use for parking the underground parking under the Janacek Theatre, the entrance of which is located directly in front of the entrance of the building in which we are seated. The address of the parking is Moravske namesti 15, Brno.



Washingtonova 9, ZIP Code 110 00
phone: +420 222 544 201


When visiting our law offices in Prague, we recommend to use for parking the underground parking garage Slovan next to the State Opera Prague, parking lot located between Wilsonova street and Washingtonova street or a visitor’s parking zone located directly in Washingtonova street, whereas all of these parking locations are within 3-minute walking distance from the seat of our Prague offices located at Washingtonova 9, 110 00 Prague.



Michalská 9, ZIP Code 811 03
phone: +421 245 529 779
fax: +421 245 529 779


When visiting our Bratislava law office, we recommend parking in the underground parking Centrum, the entry to which is from the Náměstí SNP at Uršulínská 6665, Bratislava.



ul. Aleksandra Lubomirskiego 27/1,
ZIP Code 31-509
phone: +48 500 174 062
fax: +420 543 217 522


When visiting our law offices, we recommend parking on the available parking spaces in front of the building in which our Krakow offices are located on Aleksandra Lubomirskiego street or nearby. In case no spaces are available, we recommend using the parking lot in the shopping center Galeria Krakowska, next to the main train station Kraków Główny.